5 Signs You Should Pursue

Dating nowadays has become a little too convenient because everything is online, so it’s very rare that people want to lock things down. Why be serious when someone else even greater and more attractive could just be one swipe away?

That’s not necessarily the case, take it from someone who has been in the dating game for quite some time. It’s very hard to connect with someone else on all different levels because there’s usually one thing a little off.

Whether they can make you laugh but you can’t imagine sleeping with them, or you have absolutely nothing in common except your favorite sex positions.

Only time will tell if the person you’re dating is right for you and if they’re not then stop wasting your time and pursue someone else.

Physical Chemistry:

This is a deal breaker in most cases. Not saying that sex and attraction are everything, but it’s something you have to consider before getting more serious with a partner.

I fully believe that someone can become more attractive when you start connecting on a more emotional level, but that doesn’t guarantee the sex or another sexual activity is satisfying you.

If you feel that you’re not completely satisfied or not counting down the moments to jump their bones then maybe you should leave this person in the friend zone where you can appreciate their good qualities while pursuing someone with more sex appeal.

Same Humor:

If someone can make you sincerely laugh then, you’ve found yourself a keeper. It’s hard to connect with someone when making a fool of yourself and if you find yourself laughing majority of the time spent together, consider yourself lucky.

Good Company:

Whether you’re zoning out on your phones or partaking in your favorite activities together, it’s important you enjoy the time spent with one another. They shouldn’t just be someone you pass the time with but someone that makes every second exciting and enjoyable.

Someone you want to waste the day with binge watching your favorite shows or trying the new sushi place down the street. Whatever you both end up doing in your spare time you know you much rather do them together than apart.

Similar Interests:

It’s a lot easier to do your favorite things when someone you like enjoys them too. No one wants to pull a tooth trying to spend quality time showing them their favorite hobby.

Hopefully, your current dating partner has an open mind when it comes to trying new things so your interests can intertwine without it being too much of a compromise.


Not just physically but emotionally available as well because many people have their guards up, too stubborn to let you break them down. If someone isn’t meeting you halfway because they’re scarred from past relationships, then it might be best for you to distance yourself instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.

Considering the physical aspect, you shouldn’t keep pursuing someone if they have multiple partners and aren’t the relationship material type.

Take it for what it is instead of trying to change the person and persuading them into loving only you.

If you want to learn more, check out the video below!