How to Avoid Falling Victim to Cuffing Season

Ah, the holidays. With the year coming to a close you might notice that it is relationship season/cuffing season. The weather is getting colder and for some reason people are quick to get into relationships during these winter months. Why? My theory is that cuffing season is easily a product of seasonal depression or FOMO.

The days are short and cold, and the nights are longer and even colder. People find themselves feeling gloomy and upset, especially if they’re far from family during the cheery holidays. So what do they do? Find a shoulder to cry on, a cuddly buddy, a warm body for the winter months.
Or on the other hand people are suffering from relationship FOMO. Starting in the fall and continuing through winter into February there are infinitely more cute things to do with your significant other ñ well if you have one that is. Men and women alike are scrambling to find someone to star in Coupely Instagram photos only to be forgotten after Valentine’s Day.
This is an unbelievably toxic cycle that you canít help but getting sucked into every other year. And you know whatís worse than being used as prop for Instas and Snaps? The feeling after you get dumped, because after all those holidays spent together I bet youíve become emotionally attached.
So how does one quell the winter blues and the ice-skating, hand-holding induced FOMO without engaging in the cuffing season cycle? You avoid getting sucked in at all costs. I know itís an uphill battle, but I believe in you. Here are a couple ways to avoid the inevitable emotional scarring that comes with this pseudo relationship life-cycle.
1. Talk to multiple girls/guys casually.
An easy way to avoid getting sucked in by a relationship hungry individual is by talking to a bunch. That way you get your flirtation fix without the possibility of being tied down. By keeping this casual spreading your net wide, youíre more likely to be left emotional invulnerable. And if one of those people gets commitment hungry itís easy to ghost them without feeling guilty or lonely, because they were never your only one anyways.

2. If you get the feels, ignore them.
God forbid you get the feels. But theyíre sneaky little bastards. If they some how sneak up on you immediately recognize and destroy the threat. Ghost the shit out of the person you have feels for. Remind yourself not to act on them. Remember that there is an expiration date on those feels, and that expiration date is April.

3. Sleep around.
Be a hoe! People easily get sucked into relationships during this time because they just wanted a reliable fuck buddy. Sleep with multiple people so that you donít get tied down and stuck in a relationship because you couldnít keep it in your pants.

4. Spend time with your friends, not your hoes.
Sure, everyone is posting cute shit on Instagram. But will those lovers be around come spring? NOPE. Instead of looking for a girl or guy to spend the holidays with spend them with your friends and family. After all those are the people who are the most loyal to you.

5. If you canít deal with the drama, just masturbate until spring.
If you canít deal with the drama that comes with sleeping around or talking to multiple people at once, if you canít deal with all the feels, donít get involved with anyone. Donít get involved emotionally and donít get involved physically. Just hibernate alone with your hand, or your vibrator, until Spring. I know it sounds a little boring and lonely, but I promise you will not regret it.

If you want to learn more about cuffing season? Then check out this video below!  Or if you’re looking for more casual dating advice check out the blog.