Signs You’re Thirsty AF

Do your friends tell you that you come on a little strong? Have you always been called boy-crazy? Are you starting to think that you have an unquenchable thirst?

Those who are described as “thirsty” usually come off the most desperate when dating around or trying to land a hook up. This, ironically enough, makes it harder to get laid or get a date. The first step to overcoming your obvious desperation is to acknowledge it in the first place (the first step to getting help is admitting you need help, am I right?).
But how does one diagnose oneís level of thirst? Here are a few qualities that are usually pretty characteristic of someone whoís thirsty as all hell:
1. You’re single and canít stop talking about how great youíd be in a relationship, especially around people youíre crushing on.

You’re notorious for always claiming that youíd be the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. Maybe that would be the case however, because you sound so gosh darn desperate youíre ruining any chance you have of someone actually being interested in you.

2. You go out of your way to ‘accidentally’ run into someone youíre thirsting after.

I think everyone is guilty of this, but you can totally tell if youíre thirsty if you adjust how you get to school or work just so you can run into that special someone. Then youíre definitely thirsting hard.

3. You have every single dating app ever created.

I mean youíre basically trying all your options. Who could blame you? Well, I can. Because youíre more likely using them to boost your ego or using them as a game than actually using them right.

4. You hardly speak to your crush but you know their star sign and thusly think you know everything about them.
Just because you know that cute guy or girlís star sign doesnít mean you know everything about them. Sure they might be a Leo and you might have great compatablility with Leoís, but you actually might want to talk to them like a normal person so that they notice you.
5. You reversed image stalked someone off a dating app to add them on social media even if you donít match.
So you didnít match with that guy on tinder. Awh. Iím sorry. Wait, what did you do? You reversed image searched his profile photos and now youíre adding him on facebook, snapchat, and twitter.
You see nothing wrong with this? Okay, while you might think that this kind of behavior is affectionate, the object of your affection might find it a little creepy or maybe harassment.
6. You lose your mind when you see your crush with someone else even though you hardly know them.
Okay so you barely talk to this person. Letís be real you probably barely know them. But instead of accepting that fact, you stalk the hell out of their social media and launch into a rage when you?
7. You’re slowly but surely going absolutely insane.

I’ll let this one speak for itself
Please for the sake of all that is holy, tone down your thirst so someone can actually quench it.

If you want to learn more, check out the video below!  Guys, want to learn more about not looking desperate – then check out this post.